Birmingham venture seeks to change the hiring industry and put Americans back to work

BIRMINGHAM, ALA – GoodJob today announced the release of its mobile and web applications. GoodJob is transforming the recruiting industry by using psychology and data science to connect companies with job candidates in ways that haven’t been possible before. 

“GoodJob’s purpose is helping people find meaningful employment where they can be happy and successful and live a more purposeful life,” says CEO Stephen D. Johnston. “I don’t know if that’s ever been a more important mission than it is today.”

Here’s what’s unique about GoodJob:

  • Candidates don’t need resumes to use GoodJob. Instead, they create a profile one time and simply swipe left or right to accept job matches. Their profile stays completely private unless they accept a match.
  • Candidates see jobs they’re qualified for that pay at least what they want to earn — in the industries and locations where they want to work.
  • Employers and candidates can both view scores that identify how well they fit on qualifications, preferences, and GoodJob’s PATH Assessment™ that identifies work style.
  • Employers can easily sort candidates based on their match scores and start conversations — no outside recruiter needed. 
  • Employers can use GoodJob for both external and internal recruiting.

“We’ve replaced the function of a recruiting agency, at scale,” says Dean Hodge, head of product development. “Using machine learning and data science, GoodJob will only recommend candidates who are qualified, vetted, and interested.”

In addition to its AI-matching algorithm, GoodJob offers QuickMatch — a setting that allows employers to find candidates who are looking for work today, even if it’s outside of their long-term preferences. Says Johnston, “We know people are hurting and need to make money while they look for work in their field. QuickMatch is designed to connect employers with those candidates and make it a win-win.”

GoodJob for Candidates is available now in the App Store and Google Play and at GoodJob for Employers is available at The app is free for candidates and includes a 30-day free trial for employers. No contract is needed. For more information on GoodJob Software, visit

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